Problems with hard water (calculus)

Hard water is described as if it contains a lot of dissolved salts, especially calcium and magnesium. Hard water affects our health, and harmful because it causes the formation of scale deposits on pipes and heating systems, in relation to the soft water reduces the effect of washing soap and detergents.

Water is a good solvent and slowly dissolves impurities.

Solvent power increase when bound carbon dioxide from the air and the resulting weak carbonic acid. Passing water through the earth and rocks, water dissolves small amounts of minerals.

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water are the most common minerals that make water hard. The degree of hardness is growing increase calcium and magnesium content.

What can be done?

There are traditional and the best solution is to prevent problems with hard water ie. Stones - SOFTNER or VIAQUA SOFT NOR.

In recent years become popular and other methods, the most interesting is the electromagnetic conditioning or so. magnets.That devices have proven to be good, but only when they are placed close to the consumer (eg. tap) because the stone in water is restructured again, but only after a few meters in the pipe, and again you have the same problems with stones.

Therefore, in order to ensure your whole household, you need a few such devices which ultimately cost you several times more expensive than installing an ionic softeners.

Softener works on the principle of ion exchange, calcium and magnesium is replaced by sodium. Softeners at the start of something more expensive but have the ability to remove small amounts of other cations such as copper, iron or zinc, and with only one device solved the problem of scale for the entire household (taps, bathrooms, kitchens, water heaters, washing machines, washing dishes, coffee machines, hot tubs...).

Numerous research and analysis has been proven that problems with calculus greatly increase costs and create unpleasant consequences on household appliances and white goods. Each 1mm of scale deposit in your ducts, heaters (boiler, washing machine or dishwasher ...) raise energy consumption up to 15%! ! !

The treated and softened water reduces the consumption of detergents, fabric softener, various detergents to remove tartar, prevents the growth of bacteria ....... etc.

The main reasons why you need to treat your water:

  1. Cost savings (maintenance, energy ..)
  2. Savings in detergents
  3. Saving time (which you have to spend scouring ..)
  4. Protecting the health of your family (prevention of bacteria and viruses)
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