News: Problems with drinking water

Problems with drinking water

Drinking water on the Croatian territory is in most cases very good quality, which of course is not common because more and more often we come to know that drinking water that comes from municipal water supply, wells, distribution networks has a very high

chlorine concentration, high hardness, and sometimes a large amount of iron, manganese .itd. such water eventually affect your health and the health of your family, and unfortunately leads to severe health problems.

Test your drinking water, check its quality and composition because they know that the health of you and your family the most important thing in the world.

In the following table you can visually check the quality of water you drink and how you can prevent health problems of the poor quality of the same. Also one of the most important things you need to know about drinking water is that it contains appear and develop pollution organic nature (viruses, bacteria, spores.) And the disinfection of drinking water is extremely important.

pH The low pH affects the increased contamination and water saturation.
Water with high alkalinity are attracted to yourself minerals and metals.
Dosing systems with automatic
Aluminium Changing colors of water Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Chlorine Salty taste, white particles in times Activated carbon filter
Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Colors Visible ink Activated carbon filter
Reverse osmosis Merlin
Copper Bluish-green coloration, metallic taste Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Corrosion (rust) The taste of metal
visible brown rust particles
It remains residue
calcite filter
Dispensing systems
dosage polyphosphates
Floridi Discoloration of teeth Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Foaming (MBAS) Bitter taste, smell chlorination
activated charcoal
reverse osmosis
Hard water Sediment deposits on pipes and household appliances
Reduced heating efficiency,
Reduce the life of water heaters,
Increases the consumption of soap
ion exchange units
The catalyst unit SOFT NOR
Iron Rust
Brown or orange spots
metallic taste
filtration RFFE
Oxidation + filtration
Manganese Dark brown or black spots
Bitter, metallic taste
filtration RFFE
Oxidation + filtration
The sweet smell of thinner
Activated carbon filter
Taste rotten eggs
Smell chemicals
Activated carbon filter
Silver discoloration of the skin
Gray discoloration of sclera
Activated carbon filter
Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Sulfates Taste of drugs
It acts as a laxative
Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
Liberated substances Hard water
The residue on glass and other assets
Reverse osmosis-MERLIN
ion exchange units
Zinc Metallic taste Reverse osmosis-MERLIN

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